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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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opposition furious smolders an agent what the controversial draft constitution is said to have been voted three despite claims it's against the resolution and lets minorities down. a u.k. man stripped of his citizenship for refusing to become an informant and reported missing by his family months ago unexpectedly appears in a u.s. court charged with terrorism. and f.b.i. documents reveal the occupiers treat movement was branded a potential criminal and terrorist threatened by the organization.
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international news life. with me thanks for joining us. more protests are expected in egypt as the country awaits results of the referendum on a new constitution they analogy later on tuesday officials have been tracking allegations of vote rigging brought forward by the opposition that is going to draft a charter is said to have won the support of more than sixty percent of voters but turnout was low estimated at least to less less than a third of the electorate the opposition says the document does not represent all egyptians and has vowed to keep trying to bring down the constitution peacefully and democratically so much that say the draft ignores the rights of minorities so i think that the opposition there are times democracy. there and you know
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this is larks' if you look at them are prosy in the west particularly in the united states and i'm supposed to say in europe. their constitutions of these democracies we guarantee. minority groups or any other. time go ahead of constitutional guarantee so this sort of or unusual or normal life star is not going to be something that should real or it's going to get you so it's the rights of the minority that are worry and some of the liberals in egypt you know you have a right to be worried. and terry i spoke to represent savior of the muslim brotherhood freedom and justice party and he expressed confidence that the time is on the islamic fight what's your response to those who say to critics who say the
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sharia centric constitution betrays the they were punishing your religion a chip and sidelines the rights of minorities in your country no this is not right at all you can revise the constitution. this is not really present and they have no proof of it and the same time the president declares that if any minority or majority needs to to modify things in this constitution this can be done the sort of parliament figures suggest only around hustle all egyptians in your country support the islamists how do you intend to gain greater backing. we are going to gain. this by by by time you see a lot of people are already entered by what is in the media and our media is against the islamic. parties but by time people would see
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how we deal with the problems and i think this willing to use our popularity in the coming. in the coming elections. with christmas bells ringing out in europe even them a lot of china's come to muffle the boom of austerity as biting cuts have been have even reached their inner sanctum of the catholic church the vatican benedict has held a slightly spartan annual mass in st paul's basilica in rome due to strict budget controls a traditional and i say this a scene outside the cathedral this year because the vatican and modest twenty two thousand here is some ten times less than in twenty eleven with the shortfall topped by a donation and his peter are found out all across europe leaders are wishing that christmas money worries would disappear. it's a time of goodwill and cheer and giving and for one particularly jolly gent it is
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busiest time of the year but santa has taken a little bit of time out from delivering presents to the boys and girls to join me here in central. well you have not come on the sled that i see no no it's just a segway it's more comfortable you know keeping within the twenty first century there and you've got some letters from the boys and girls that you're going to share with us something here ok all right now this one is come from a little boy in greece he says exactly what he wants for christmas and for twenty thirty. dear santa for christmas i would really like a fiscal policy which would see my country's debt be reducing one hundred twenty four percent of our annual output by twenty twenty i know that this is a big ask but it will stop the international monetary fund getting even more annoyed with us although we didn't make the whole thirty billion euros worth of savings we promised just recently we did try very hard. dimitri said marise.
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well who else has been writing to you oh well this one has come from somebody not too far away from where we are right now this is come from a little girl and bird lynne with her christmas wishes for twenty thirty. thank you for the positive economic growth i asked for last year it has been very helpful this year it would be great if we could have more of the same just is there a way we can give less of our money away to the eurozone countries all the best angle america p.s. i also want to win the general election next year thank you of course you get letters from little boys and girls from all over the world these drones just from here in europe produce this from us once come from from paris from a little boy who says this well all of his famous friends keep running off and leaving him. it would be great if this new more super rich
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followed jerod deputy you and left fronts we really need their seventy five percent income taxes if we are to stay with the likes of angola find ourselves in the same trouble as demetrius thank you francois hollande. oh right well this one comes from a little boy who has been on the naughty list in the past but he insists he's going to be good in the future. sounds or here's the thing i want to be prime minister again i know there were some problems last time however now i'm ready to step back in and leave this lead to success quite possibly out of the euro sincerely silvio berlusconi well we'll have to wait to see if their christmas wishes come true but santa did you get my letter yes was i on the nice list you're on minority list. peter all of a. many
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people in europe are sharing the same christmas wish this year and learns to the blog suffocating austerity drive later this hour we'll take a closer look at the massive crowds that have been raging across europe in our special and of year the truck plant. so it's a cold night. so the holiday season in the u.k. may well turn out one for so many brits is just too tempting to over indulge in the festive spirit. earlier this year r.t. reported on the case of a british somali man he is u.k. sits in the ship while visiting somalia and following that marti how she went missing and he's going there to check our reports only to appear months later in a new york courtroom charged with terrorism. buckbee how she stands accused of
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providing material support to somali militant group al-shabaab how she was stripped of his british citizenship earlier this summer over accusations of his involvement with islamist extremists at the time he and his family tried to contest that decision they claim that m i five. to label him an islamic extremist if he refused to become an informant for british intelligence and spy on the muslim community shortly after his citizenship was revoked he went missing on the outskirts of mogadishu somalia and one of our reporters broke with his parents several months ago when they had no idea where their son was and they were very worried about him apparently all this time he'd been in u.s. custody also on trial along with the hachi facing similar charges are two other men swedish nationalists so all of these men are not u.s. citizens and yet they ended up here this is not the only case in new u.s. courts against alleged terrorists for acts committed overseas in one of the things
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that many find alarming is how the u.s. finds smuggling foreign nationals in complete secrecy perfectly a lawful often keeping the families of those captured in in the dark for months as far as treating foreign nationals suspected of terrorism the u.s. has a set track record hundreds of people have been through the u.s. prison in guantanamo many of them were subject to torture the chief prosecutor at guantanamo in the george w. bush told me most of them were not terrorists and due to the extraordinary rendition program all kinds of people would end up there from different countries for different reasons stripped of their rights many human rights organizations have been vocal about a lawful practices at guantanamo and yet it's still open by the way despite president obama's pledges to close the prison. recently released f.b.i. documents have revealed that the bureau treated the peaceful occupy movement as a potential criminal and terrorist threat you have a reductive documents to show that the agency was carrying out close to valence
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against members of occupy wall street and even mentions an assassination plot against the activists however it's unclear who was behind it the movement began in september twenty lebanese new york city's financial district with protests is running against corporate greed and economic inequality independent journalist are not like us miller says they have be i is making a mistake by siding with big business. they're using a very broad definition no violence to discuss domestic terrorism because obviously an act of terrorism is you know doing something that is going to kill a lot of people blowing something up something that's far more are. terrible and life threatening than just a couple of people assembled in civil protest so i think that they really you know just ran away with the past ability that could get violent and use that to create to manufacture this threat of domestic terrorism because that's really what the
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f.b.i. has done in a lot of these terrorism cases you saw it with muslim and arab communities with the f.b.i. spying on them a lot of it was really. feeding this information to people who were alleged terrorists but had never done anything and it's that's happening with occupy right now surveillance was happening the whole time meaning that there were informants planted at the occupy camps both a new york and around the country and that the f.b.i. at the department of homeland security were basically in partnership with corporate america they're actually working with corporations and the stock exchange and the financial sector to protect them so it's pretty obvious who gets rejected at this society. bronzing issues is nothing new in politics. for people used to live in the . now the economically disadvantaged occupy substandard housing in the inner city.
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told no one else he would look at how making up new terms helps the u.s. elites and score points at the bottom of the box. i was. the was. in the middle of russia's no four way from civilization in a three hour helicopter train from the nearest village. they stole one family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer skins. so
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he can set. lodging runs in a signal and minutes they also grew up in the but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the city in apartment building but still remember their regions was. i want to raise a dancing teacher. to his dances he tells the stories about his motherland. thanks claus in europe to now has a one thousand strong reindeer herd when the animal ate saw the lichen and most around brood is gathered turns and moved to another posture they travel hundreds of
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kilometers in winter women and children for them. but the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even the songs are similar. you know watching all say it's good to have you with us. with the christmas holiday season in full swing the festive mood has taken its toll on the british for many who just can't say enough is enough when it comes to drinking it means some tough times for the country's imagines the services. first went to the northeast of the country to meet some revelers well it's the season to be merry but for some of us
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perhaps a little to be merry with the christmas period once again upon us drinks awareness campaigns a warning people to be careful about how much they drink over the holiday period now in the last couple of years we've seen the figures increasing for the number of alcohol related injuries and we continue in the u.k. to pay too high a price for alcohol abuse now every year it's costing the n.h.s. millions of pounds in dealing with the people who are coming three the hospitals and in the build up to christmas that really puts a strain on services such as the police and searches are ambulances now that's a very sobering thought indeed we've come to the north of england to new castle to go out on the town and views of a sensitive nature might want to look away now because we've been doing some people getting into the festive spirit a little earlier this year to find out whether they're going to be drinking responsibly positive.
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report is actually very yeah there's a thing with the underage drinking to fill the young people who drink responsibly no. no everyone just gets upset. over it he thinks. it's a stretch if you. drink responsibly yeah. well sometimes i'm not but i. i'm not tonight because of the good no you don't drink response report on the order you heard tell me your school where you cannot show. apart from these guys you will be a prophet of god do whatever you want just to get more responsible over the intro you know results soon people are over the age of twenty five not really both. of the people that we've been speaking to here tonight have told us the weekend before
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christmas they have a day nicknamed blackeye friday a reference to the number of fights break out here t.t. excessive drinking this is why the campaign is a calling on the government to really tighten up the policies to make sure that we keep seeing these increases in alcohol abuse in the k. so therefore the government this year have really tried to target the sale of cheap alcohol but of course many other problems persist a lot of the young people we were speaking to here tonight saying that they're drinking before they come out since the tyler school preloading where you're getting drunk before you even go out so once again in the build up to christmas we're going to see all around you and stuff we're going to see the police services really eva work having to deal with these problems part of the reason campaign is a really calling on people to be very careful about how much they drink over the festive period surface because so. the politico forum is often the place where new was and phrases are invented to soften the hard truth but as marina
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park nihilists continue the capital or read it distract public attention away from . the art of politics is made up of many things. handshakes smiles and a good arsenal of verbal camouflage americans have a lot of trouble dealing with reality americans have trouble facing the truth or as the late american comedian george carlin put it euphemistically language that conceals reality poor people used to live in the slums now the economically disadvantaged occupy substandard housing in the inner cities. and here her. no they don't have a negative cash flow position. and today america's love affair with semantics has given birth to a new phrase to describe the rich job creators in america basically are on strike increasing taxes on job creators this administration and this president policies
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are hostile to job creators that are just saying the wealthy who make over two hundred fifty thousand a year if you say a job creator they say well we can't raise their taxes they're the ones or create jobs when in reality when their taxes are higher under bill clinton three times as many jobs are created the propensity to add softer terms to the english lexicon has surged over the decades particularly when it comes to military related language there's a condition in combat most people know about it it's when a fighting force is nervous system has been stressed to it's absolute peak and maximum can't take it anymore and put the nervous system has either snapped or is about to snap in the first world war that condition was called show today the same condition is known as an eight syllable hyphenated furries void of any emotion post-traumatic stress disorder the aftermath of war includes post-traumatic stress . for those of you suffering from p.t.s.d.
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when it comes to wars where you have the most damaging euphemisms like. saying innocent civilians were killed in a drone strike you say there was collateral damage collateral damages to me is the worst expression no it's innocent men women children are killed in the collateral damage sounds like a real estate transaction our soldiers shooting each other has become known as friendly fire kidnapping and transferring terrorist suspect is called extraordinary rendition and the torture america's war prisoners might endure is referred to as enhanced interrogation in most cases these new words are used by people who try to define an argument or frame in a way that will support the position that they're advocating and during the last u.s. presidential election a certain demographic of voters became otherwise known as without low information voters father went to twitter at two o'clock today to encourage low information voters think low information voters are stupid people but you say low information voters because it sounds nice although in their defense it could be people who are
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just too busy you know with their lives or family in their work that they don't have time to focus on the election until the very last minute and then they vote based on the hairstyle of the candidate running for president as america's political elites continues creating new vocabulary to soften the hard truth a greater focus could instead be put into asking why so many issues need to be rephrased before being presented to the public george carlin created comedy about the strategy but it was george orwell who first coined a term for it newspeak reporting from new york. r.t. . the pentagon has informed the u.s. congress of its plans to sell for high altitude spy drones to south korea the deal is estimated to be worth some one point two billion dollars and would also include training and logistical support congress have the right to block the sale but reports address lawmakers were allowed to go through washington is going to sit at south korea's top ally recent agreement between the two sides allows seoul to
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nearly crippled the range of its ballistic missiles making them capable of reaching all parts of north korea. a mother has driven his car into a group of schoolchildren in a northern chinese province injuring thirteen reports say the driver attempted to cause an explosion by putting firecrackers and a gas tank in the trunk of his car there's been a number of attacks on schools and listen cheers in china the late has just two weeks ago left over a dozen children injured in a knife attack. in a bid to curb street violence mexico city is offering cash toys and electronic gadgets in exchange for illegally obtained guns dozens of rifles and pistols have been hundred residents so far the amnesty was launched a month after a ten year old boy was killed by a stray bullet in a movie theater. i was twenty twelve comes to him and takes
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a look at the bones that have been dominating the headlines for the past twelve months and today we're bringing you the story of the massive protests that have been shaking europe all year from the point of view of our news team. it came to the point where if you walked into the studio you knew there was going to be a story about europe and austerity and protests and riots whether it would be spain or greece or even the u.k. and these were real people in real situations in very scary situations and our correspondents were out there in the midst of it all. so waiting with all sat still stood over some type of square and i just see the cameraman behind the camera
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everybody else around me putting just months on i was like you had a few for moscow going to see your life before you can say anything you get that horrible taste in your mouth and of course it's the tear gas that's become so synonymous with these demonstrations in greece along with the throwing of molotov cocktails and clashes with the place produces like to see the correspondents in the middle of a crowd which is great but then the crowd are shouting correspondents try to speak out everyone's very loud you can't hear anything that makes for good television. it's an incredible event covering it is pretty exciting you've got political elements you use the elements the news on the court force you've got the tragic human stories of people who are driven to desperation and pushed onto the streets to protest what they see is their livelihood just the way over to iraq this most of . all people do think it's about spain's crippling unemployment figures especially amongst the young about the cost of the state the services and then you really get a sense of just how angry how desperate people. get the full of love that's
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doing to the country and so you just it's not in the middle of one of these big protest movements when the clashes break out. next in just a couple of minutes our interview show spotlight with host al gore no. the news is secret laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything turns mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and world events this is why you should care only on the dot com.
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please speak or language you. will use programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world's hot spots that will be ip interviews intriguing stories for you to. see then try. to find out more visit are a big all teeth dog called. wealthy british style. that's not on the. market why not gonna. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report
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on our she. gave. me.
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